Sign Up Sheet



Instructions to Print Sign-up Sheet and mail it in:

  1. Select “PRINT THIS FORM”, above in BLUE FONT, to print out the form
  2. Fill out the form. Place an X in the appropriate checkboxes and write in any text
  3. Mail the completed form to
    Mickey DeVito
    58 Mayflower Ave
    Stamford, CT 06906

Instructions to Download our Word Document to send via email:

  1. Select “Download Word Doc”, above in Orange FONT
  2. Select the file that drops down below “Download Word Doc” (Golf Sign-up.docx)
  3. Save this file to your computer
  4. Open the saved Golf Sign-up file. Follow the instructions to fill out the form. Check the appropriate boxes and fill in the text fields
  5. Save your completed file to your computer.
  6. Send an email to Attach the saved file to the email